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iStaff's staffing software with business intelligence is a staffing business platform that delivers incredible value for staffing agencies that work in daily pay, weekly pay, skilled labor staffing, medical staffing and PEO agencies including applicant tracking and full-desk payroll.

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What is Business Intelligence for Staffing (BIS)?

staffing metrics

Staffing Metrics that Matter

Staffing business metrics matter because they show the trajectory of success and failure. Key Performance Indicators or KPI's are the lifeblood of staffing agencies.

branch office teamwork

Branch Office Aggregation

It’s important to see all performance indicators for every branch in your company and to understand the indicators of success and failure of a multi-office staffing business.

business intelligence for staffing

Productivity Through Efficiency

Business Intelligence for Staffing is iStaff’s platform that enables clients to have new insights into their business and to be able to make better decisions for the business.

iStaff is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

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iPortal Features

Executive Dashboard

executive stopwatch

The Executive Dashboard

iStaff's staffing-centric Executive Dashboard provides a near-real-time high-level overview of key metrics for staffing agency owners and managers that shows exactly where your business is succeeding and where it needs improvement. Key metrics like branch viability and profitability, open job order and fill rates, client retention rates, bill versus markup rates and many other key business indicators. All dashboards are custom built for your specific staffing business and its goals.

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Beautiful graphs and charts show how profitable branches are, what key performance indicators (KPI’s) need improvement and which ones are strong so you can easily see what approaches work best.

Job Fill Rate
metrics gauge double digits
Staff Turnover
metrics gauge single digits
Billing Margins at a Glance
line chart monthly
AR vs. AP
pie chart

iStaff works for everyone in the staffing cycle.

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Your Clients

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Your Employees

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Your Managers

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The Owner

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Your Salespeople

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Your Staffers

Built and supported by staffing and IT professionals.

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Moving to iStaff's BIS Platform

Get a look at how connecting your data to iStaff’s Business Intelligence platform is a piece of cake and how visualizing your existing staffing data in new ways will give you valuable insights into your business.

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iStaff’s customer service is attentive, competent and desires to resolve our client’s issues as quickly as possible. We’re available via telephone, email, help desk and support forum.


Not just for Owners

Business Intelligence for Staffing (BIS) is a complete platform for helping staffing companies do business more efficiently. Everyone from clients, employees and contractors, internal staffers, and salepeople benefit.

Datacenter Hosted Private Servers

Our applications are hosted on world-class datacenter protected private servers with encrpyted traffic. We regularly backup our client’s data and we have redundant power systems as well as physical security on-premises.

Read more about how we protect our client’s data.

20 Years of Staffing Experience

Our partners have 20 years of staffing agency expertise. We build and design software for staffing companies because we understand their business models and we know what makes them successful and more productive.

Read more about our executive developer team.

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